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A collection of recipes and ebooks from local cookbooks.

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About the Community Cookbook Project

The goal of the Community Cookbook project is simply to capture the recipes that are important to our community.

Organizations and families produce cookbooks for fund-raising efforts. Production runs for these books tend to be limited. Working with the organizations that produced them, we want to preserve those recipes and share them.

Recipes can be captured in different ways. While some cookbooks can be easily scanned and the content turned into files that allow us to upload each recipe into the site with minimal fuss, others require a little more care. Holding the books in a stand that will protect the binding, we take pictures of the pages and use various open-source (free to use, free to develop) software packages to create ebooks.

We will share these recipes in two ways: a searchable database of recipes, and a collection of ebooks.

The recipes on the website can be exported for inclusion in other recipe websites, printed, and shared via twitter, facebook, and google plus.

As for the ebooks, each title will be available in ePub, PDF, and mobi (for Kindle devices), and downloading them is easy. No Adobe Digital Editions, no checkouts/returns/holds...just download it from the site and transfer to your device. If your device can access the internet, then on some devices you can downloaddirectly.

Happy cooking!