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Our second Westlake ebook: Recipes from the Westlake Junior Women's Club

Our second ebook and recipe collection related to Westlake comes from the Westlake Women's Club. Back in 1997, the group -- which was known as the Westlake Junior Women's Club at the time -- produced a cookbook called A Taste of Westlake. The group has allowed us to use those recipes in the Community Cookbook project.

So, why isn't it called Taste of Westlake? The book was published by a private company, and so there is a copyright issue there. After contacting the company, I learned that the its copyright claim was related to the cover, artwork, etc., and not the recipes. So, we produced an ebook that omitted all content provided by the publisher. Technically, we probably could keep the name, but we decided to move forward on this project with under the name Recipes from the Westlake Junior Women's Club. Copyright is tricky business, so we definitely choose a "better safe than sorry" approach.

The Westlake Women's Club is a non-profit that has served the community since 1957 through fundraising -- including providing scholarships for high school students -- and service projects. If you are interested in learning more about the Westlake Women's Club, you can click here; but this website provides a link to the organization next to every recipe they contributed, and the ebook form. The same goes for any other organization that contributes.

Thanks again to the Westlake Women's Club for letting us share their recipes!